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Dry cleaning

If you've got an item of clothing that needs cleaning, we can help! As long as the garment can or should be dry cleaned*, we can clean it!  Mayfair has the expertise to employ any of the dry cleaning processes that may be required for your garment.

* Garment manufacturer instructions should indicate if it is dry cleanable.  If in doubt refer to our SYMBOLS page or just ask one of our friendly staff. 


Other alterations services that Mayfair Dry Cleaners provide include:

·       Lengthening

·       Shortening

·       Taking-in

·       Taking-out

·       New zips

·       Re-stitching (all garments)

·       New elastics

We do all kinds of alterations, but we don't offer dress-making services.

Leather cleaning

Do you have a mark on your favorite leather jacket that ruins its beautiful appearance? Mayfair Dry Cleaners can help! We can remove basic stains (i.e. mould, pen marks, perspiration marks) from leathers. We give the garment a good clean, and can offer same day service.

Please note that we cannot clean major stains, such as wine or paint stains, as the garment will need to be re-colored.